Kitchen Tile Flooring That’s Easy To Clean And Kinda Forgiving

Kitchen floor tiles that are kinda of forgivingKitchens are messy places. I have yet to come across a kitchen that hasn’t had something dropped on to the floor – either food, drink or something a little harder like a pot or pan, or crockery.  I should think there’s many a home that’s seen a plate full of food dropped onto the floor at some stage – now that’s a combination of several elements. How forgiving is your floor when that happens? Kitchen tile flooring is at least easy to clean, and some tiles are more forgiving than others.

When I say forgiving, I don’t know of any floor type that will prevent crockery and glassware from breaking if they are dropped from bench height or higher. By forgiving, I am talking about the floor itself. Linoleum and vinyl can be easily cut, and if you’re really unlucky, it could have splinters of glass easily embedded. Tile floors are harder so you won’t have that problem. Porcelain floor tiles won’t even stain unless you leave something acidic on them for a long period of time.

The benefits of using the right kitchen tile flooring is that it can be easily cleaned. It is water- and stain-resistant and will cope with heavy traffic for years if not decades. Natural stone tiles such as granite and slate are also perfectly suited to kitchens, both residential and commercial, as they too have many of the properties found in porcelain.

If you are planning a new kitchen floor, then consider floor tiles. Talk to a tile expert to determine which floor tiles are best suited to your environment and compare both the short- and long-term costs. I’m sure you’ll find that, long term, kitchen floor tiles will work out to be far less expensive that other floor coverings. They also have lower maintenance issues. You can cook to your heart’s content in a kitchen that has floor tiles from Éco Dépôt – we’ll recommend tiles that are kinda forgiving to any spills that could damage other floor coverings.