Kitchen Tile Flooring: Don’t Rely On Aesthetics

Chosing the right kitchen floor tilesIt looks great, therefore it must be great! This is not a good approach when it comes to flooring options, especially in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. There are some fantastic looking floor tiles on the market, however, they are often poor choices when it comes to kitchens (and bathrooms). Glazed and polished floor tiles can be very slippery, especially if there is any water, detergent (soap) or oil splashed on them.

Having said that, the reverse can be true. You can find kitchen floor tiles that are highly functional AND beautiful to look at. When looking for floor tiles, your first consideration must be the environment, and selecting tiles that suit that environment. Once you have found the right type of tile, you can then seek out tiles from that range that fit in with your overall decor.

The difficult part is finding tiles that suit your environment. For kitchen tiled floors, you need a tile that is anti-slip and water-resistant. For many, the best option is a ceramic or porcelain floor tile. These tiles are water-resistant by nature and there is a wide range that have an anti-slip texture. Natural stone tiles such as slate are naturally anti-slip and do offer some water resistance. They can have a finish applied that enhances that water resistance.

You can make life a lot easier on yourself by talking to a tile expert. Our experts will sit down with you and help you determine which tiles are right for your environment. They can point in the right direction when it comes to the right kitchen floor tiles.