Kitchen Remodeling – Top Down Or Bottom Up

Chose the right floor tiles for your kitchen remodeling projectWhen remodeling a kitchen, you have a number of options. You can use a top-down approach where you decide on the wall colors, bench and cupboard arrangement before you finish with your flooring. The opposite is the bottom-up approach where you decide on your flooring then work your way up to the ceiling. Both approaches have pros and cons, and either way, it’s the overall finished look that is important.

However, when it comes to rebuilding your kitchen, you really do need to use the bottom-up approach – you install your flooring first, then perhaps paint the walls and ceilings, then install your cupboards and benches, sink, cooker and any other appliances or features. About the only time you would deviate from this approach is if you are using wall tiles – they are generally the last.

What is important is to have the right floor tiles for your kitchen remodeling project. It is a lot easier to install them first – there is less cutting and it’s easier to prepare a wall-to-wall floor tile project – you don’t need to work around cupboards and benches. Kitchen floor tiles need to have some water proofing properties, be hardy and not prone to chipping when things are dropped onto them, and easy to clean.

This is where Éco Dépôt can prove to be your best friend. We are not here to sell you just any tile. Our highly trained tile experts can advise on the types of tile that are best suited to your kitchen remodeling project. We can also help you select the tile design and finish that best compliments your new kitchen.  Top-down or bottom-up – it doesn’t matter, so long as the finished kitchen remodeling project meets your expectations, and that is our aim when it comes to kitchen wall and floor tiles.