How To Keep A Marble Floor Looking As Good As New

Easy care tips for marble floor tilesMarble has been used widely in building and art for centuries, however, it is a fairly new arrival to the floor tile market. When I say relatively new, it is still over 100 years old – older buildings used slabs of marble for flooring, a costly and difficult process compared to installing tiles. Marble tiles do require extra work if you want to maintain that freshly installed look. It is possible, and frankly, recommended to keep to a maintenance schedule – your tiles will last for decades, and they will look brilliant.

To begin with, don’t use commercial cleaners on marble tile. Commercial cleaners can be abrasive, and many include acids designed to dissolve grim and greasy messes. Acids and abrasives will mark your floor, often leaving unsightly discolored marks. The simplest and most effective cleaning solution for marble can be found in your pantry – baking soda with warm water. A couple of tablespoons to a quart of water is all that is required, and soft cloth to apply the solution. For best results, sweep or vacuum first to remove any loose dirt, then wash the floor with the baking soda solution. Leave the floor to dry, then once dry, rinse off with clean warm water and a soft cloth. It is best to dry this off quickly with another soft cloth rather than letting water sit – minerals in your water can stain marble over time.

If your marble floor has been polished and it’s starting to lose its gleam, apply marble floor polish and rub it in with a soft cloth. Let the polish dry, then, if you have access to a floor polisher, use the buffing pad to bring your floor back to its gleaming best. If you don’t have a floor polisher, then you will need to buff it by hand, again, using a soft dry cloth. You can obtain special buffing pads that can be used whilst the polish is still damp – this is ideal if time is an issue, or you have children in the home.

Follow those simple tips and your marble tile floor will last for ever. Marble is a soft stone, so keep it dust and dirt free – vacuum or use a soft broom at least once a day, more often if it receives a lot of traffic. Wash the floor once a week and reapply the floor polish when you notice it starting to lose its gleam. If you’re considering a marble tile floor, talk to one of our tile experts at Éco Dépôt – we’ll help you decide if marble is the right tile for your project and provide advice on how to install and maintain your marble floor tiles to keep them looking brand new.