Is Your Kitchen Floor Clean?

kitchen floor tilesYour home kitchen likely gets a lot of traffic. You should strive to keep your floors as clean as possible and perform routine cleaning maintenance on your tiles. Here are some tips for keeping specific floor types clean in your kitchen.

  • Hardwood tiles – The key to hardwood floors is to keep them sparkling. You can do that easily by boiling two tea bags. Take a cloth and dip it into the boiling water infused with tea and rub it across your floor. Be sure to rub in the direction of the ridges between the tiles. The tannic acid from the tea will give your floor a sparkling shine.
  • Porcelain tiles – Next to ceramic, porcelain is perhaps the easiest kind of tile to clean. All you need is soap and water.
  • Ceramic tiles – All you need is warm water. Sweep the floor first. Get rid of the loose dirt then use a micro-fiber mop. If you use a rag mop, swirl it in a circular motion on the floor to get between the grout tracks. For deep grout issues, use a brush.
  • Marble tiles – Marble looks nice but is difficult to maintain. You’ll need to be vigilant to protect them from food stains. Stay away from acid-based cleaners. For calcite-based tiles, use neutral pH cleaners. Use soft mops so you don’t scratch the tiles.
  • Granite tiles – Granite is hardier than marble and easier to maintain, however, you do need to re-polish it periodically. Keep acid-based cleaners away from granite too.

Keeping your kitchen floor tiles clean is imperative if you want your home to look nice. When shopping for new floor tiles consider the time and expense of cleaning your floors long term.