Is Travertine Natural?

travertine, natural stoneTravertine is a natural stone. As such, it must be quarried, and there are various methods for extracting the stone from the earth where it is formed. It is most prominent in Iran, Turkey, China, Peru, and Mexico.

The consistency of travertine is often fibrous, and it is usually white, tan, or cream-colored. It’s a beautiful stone to use for outside flooring and wall structures – for instance, a patio or deck. It is formed from limestone at the mouths of mineral springs. Where you’ll find hot springs and limestone, you’ll find travertine.

Carbonate materials are the substance that creates the rock. The sediment mixes with the water or precipitation from the springs and travertine is formed. Travertine tiles are created after the quarrying process when the stone is sent to the manufacturer and sliced like bread. The tiles are then sanded for smoothness and polished to give them a luster appropriate for building.

Travertine is a soft stone, which makes it good for paving paths, walking paths, or gardens and patios. It is very long-lasting. In fact, many ancient buildings where travertine was used as the principle material are still standing.

If you want a natural stone look to your floor, then travertine is an option. It’s beautiful and looks natural – because it is natural.