Is Ceramic Tile Eco-Friendly?

green-friendly ceramic tileOne of the biggest and fastest growing trends in construction today is green building. Many governments and municipalities are requiring builders to include plans for eco-friendly construction. They want materials that are environmentally friendly, and they want building processes that are green. Ceramic tile then is a godsend.

For starters, ceramic tile does not absorb volatile organic compounds (VOCs) nor does it absorb other contaminants.

Another thing you’ll notice about ceramic tile is that it is not a good home for bacteria and fungus. That’s why you’ll often find ceramic in bathrooms where bacteria and fungus are natural habitats.

Ceramic tile is also easy to clean and maintain. All you need is a few simple water-based cleaning solutions, not solvents or chemical-based cleaners. And because chemicals aren’t necessary to maintain ceramic tile, you have a built-in benefit to the environment. That alone gives it a leg up over other tile materials.

Improvements in raw material extraction within the last 10 years has led to even better benefits to the environment. Today’s mining practices are more energy efficient and result in lower harmful emissions than past mining efforts.

Manufacturers are building better tiles today. The process for making tiles is greener and the raw materials are better. All of that spells green-friendly tile materials and tiling best practices. If you want to up the ante on your carbon footprint reduction, then try ceramic tile.