Improve The Look Of Your Home With A Quality Imported Vanity

A poor vanity can bring down the whole tone of a bathroomWhat is the one thing that can spoil the look of a bathroom? One that springs to mind immediately is the vanity. In most bathrooms, the first thing you see when you open the door is the vanity, and if it looks ugly, well past its prime,  or looks out of place, then the rest of the bathroom will suffer.

A vanity is not just a vanity. Size is important, however, it’s not as simple as a small vanity for a small bathroom and a big vanity for a big bathroom. The wall size and the free space around the vanity are also important factors. A small bathroom may have a wide wall space for a vanity, so a wider vanity may look more suitable. It’s all about proportion.

When it comes to size, you can have small basins, large basins, and twin basins. You can have a single drawer, or a number of drawers, or perhaps even an under-basin cupboard. Finally, color and texture help bring the whole unit together to blend into your bathroom.

Imported bathroom vanities come in a wide range of styles to include different widths, depths and heights. There are different basin sizes and some with twin basins. You will always find a color and finish that will help to complement your bathroom. Instead of an eyesore, you can open your bathroom door to a finished bathroom that looks good, is highly functional, and best of all, durable and long lasting.

We can help you find the best imported bathroom vanity for your home at prices that may well surprise you – pleasantly. Éco Dépôt has three locations in Montreal and the staff at each store are only too happy to help you select a vanity to suit your bathroom.