Imported Marble Vanities Add Class To Any Bathroom

Marble is versatile enough to be used in a wide range of applicationsIt’s hard to find anything as beautiful as marble when it comes to wall and floor tiles. Use marble as the surface on a bathroom vanity and you have bathroom furniture that says ‘class’. Although marble can be expensive, the amount used on a vanity is not large, so there’s no huge impact on a marble vanity’s price.

Marble is a stone that is very versatile in its use. Better yet, it can be combined with a range of other finishes and can be combined with just about any color. A marble vanity set against a dark porcelain wall tile looks great, yet it can look equally at home set against a light colored wall tile.

You can view a wide range of bathroom vanities at Éco Dépôt in Montreal. Our range includes imported marble bathroom vanities in a range of colors. Marble is predominantly white, however, the veining comes in hues ranging from pinks through to greys. Marble’s white is available from a bluish tinged white through to a pinkish white that colors then is enhanced by the veining.

If you’re creating a new bathroom, renovating an old bathroom, or perhaps just wanting to update your vanity – come and see us. We have vanities in a range of sizes, including larger twin basin vanities and small vanities designed for those very small bathrooms. We can even help you color coordinate your bathroom vanity with wall and floor tiles, helping you achieve a bathroom that’s truly stunning yet well within your budget. Marble vanities are easy to clean and easy to maintain, and they look stunning in any bathroom design.