Discover The Hues Of Natural Slate Floor Tiles

The many hues of slate floor tiles seen end onSlate is often associated with the color grey. In fact, slate is a grey color that appears in paint charts at your local paint shop. When it comes to slate floor tiles, grey is a common color, however, it is by no means the only color.

You can find slate in green, yellow, and red hues although the most common is a combination of colors. Grey is generally the base color, however, you will be surprised at the color combinations available. Green with flashes of yellow or red, or grey with flashes of green and red – that combination can look really stunning in kitchens and dining rooms.

It’s the color combinations, the flashes and swirls of color, that really gives slate tiles a unique look. Of all the natural stone tiles, slate is the hardest to replicate so you’ll be hard pressed to find a ceramic or porcelain floor tile that imitates this look.  When considering floor tiles, don’t be too quick to brush aside slate – it looks stunning when installed in the right areas, is hard wearing, naturally anti-slip and water-resistant, and can easily handle temperature variations. Those factors also make slate floor tiles a good choice for outdoor tiled flooring.

If you’re interested in slate floor tiles, then come and see us at Éco Dépôt. We can introduce you to the many hues of natural slate floor tiles, offer advice on how best to install them, along with advice on how to maintain those floor tiles once installed. Slate floor tiles are not boring or lifeless – they are full of color and life and look good on any floor when installed correctly.