How To Use Tile In Retail Displays

retail floor tileOne of the challenges in retail is providing a backdrop for your ever-changing display of merchandise. While tile is normally found permanently attached to the floor or wall in a retail store, it also can be a great base for window or floor arrangements, giving definition and contrast to the design.

In The Window, Tile Can Be Backdrop

Imagine a window showcasing handmade jewelry. The natural variations of slate makes a perfect backdrop for highlighting unique pieces. Simply prop the tiles against sturdy base units draped in your background color and the classic slab of slate will act as a frame for the items placed in front of it or arranged upon the surface.

An entirely different look is achieved simply by switching the dark slate for a pale, beautifully veined marble. In one step, your display goes elegant and luxurious. Experimenting with various types of tile triggers creative possibilities for many marketing messages.

Tile Can Cover A Stage On The Floor

On the floor, a low platform with locking wheels can be covered in tile to provide a stable, raised surface for mannequins, furniture, or whatever you choose to highlight. The raised platform can be moved as needed and locked down to create a stage for displaying current promotional pieces. This simple method provides a dramatic difference in floor display, and the tile covering the platform ensures an easily cleaned surface that can hold up to the rigors of retail.

Come To Eco Depot Ceramique For Ideas

Walking into one of the showrooms in Montreal opens up a world of retail tile ideas. You won’t have to limit yourself to commercial grade floor tiles since a display tile has no traffic-causing wear. There are many colors and textures available, and you will find a lot of options.

If you are ready to put that beautiful tile on the floor of your store, talk to an expert about the best choices for your location. You’ll find it at Éco Dépôt Céramique.