How To Pick Bathroom Tile

bathroom tilesTile is one of the most popular surfaces chosen for a bathroom because it can be easy to keep clean, ignores water, and comes in any color or texture. It also is the subject of many a complaint from someone whose job it is to keep the bathroom clean. Why is there such a difference of opinion? Usually, it has to do with the choice of tile and grout or the way the tile is installed.

Choice of Tile and Grout

It’s very important that your tile be selected with the location in mind. The demands of a bathroom floor are different than the demands of the wall behind the sink, and a tiled shower is going to be put into conditions that are similar to a swimming pool, but with the addition of soap scum.

Both grout and tile need to be chosen with the location and maintenance needs as a priority, with looks coming in second. Even things like water hardness come into play, and it is important that you discuss your potential tile choice with an expert advisor, like those at Écot Dépôt.

Installation Procedures Make A Difference

The method and process used to install tile in demanding places like a bathroom can mean the difference between a room that you love and a room you dread cleaning. Adhesives and sealers must be allowed to cure fully according to the manufacturer’s guidelines or they will not perform the way they are designed. Water will puddle in low spots and drains will not work properly if the floor slants the wrong way.

Bathroom tile needs to be the final part of a detailed plan that takes many things into account. Careful design and attention to plumbing or electrical needs should be done in the first steps.

Get Lots of Advice From Experts

When you come into the Écot Dépôt showrooms to look at bathroom tile, there are highly trained designers to answer all your questions about tile. This expert advice is invaluable, but there is another type of expert who can give you a good perspective on choosing tile for a bathroom.

Talk to friends and family who have tiled their bathrooms in the past and ask them what they like and dislike about their choice. You may disagree with their conclusions but their observations will be helpful in forming your own conclusions about picking the best tile for your own bathroom.