How To Find The Right Outdoor Patio Tile

Porcelain tiles that are well suited to outdoor patiosTiles are great options for outdoor patios as they handle exposure to elements quite well – if you buy the right tiles. Tiles are generally easier to install outdoors than indoors and provide endless design possibilities. Tiles are not created equally so it is vital to use those that are well suited to outdoor use. There are many tiles that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, handy if you want to extend your indoor design to an attached outdoor entertainment area.

When selecting a floor tile that’s suitable for outdoor use, consider the following traits:

  • Durability. Some tiles are harder than others. For example, porcelain is one of the hardest tiles available whilst granite is one of the hardest natural stone tiles available. Softer tiles may not withstand the elements and could deteriorate over time.
  • Water-resistance. If your outdoor patio area is subjected to water, then you need to consider tiles that are water-resistant. This is particularly true in areas where the tiles could be exposed to frost, snow or below freezing temperatures. If your floor tile absorbs even a little water, freezing will expand that water, creating cracks in the tile. Porcelain floor tiles have very high water-resistance qualities, making them a great choice for this environment.
  • Anti-slip. With water comes the potential for a slippery floor. You need to avoid this where possible, especially if you have youngsters who are prone to run around. Older people find slippery floors hard to navigate as well. Smaller tiles with a lot of grout lines can reduce the effect of water, however, outdoor tiles that have an anti-slip surface are a better option.

If you are considering an outdoor tile floor, then talk to a tile expert first. They can help you identify the tiles that are best suited to your project, saving you both time and money in the long term. The tile experts at Éco Dépôt can show you our range of outdoor patio tiles, ensuring you have an outdoor patio that will stand up to the elements