How To Care For Natural Stone

natural stone tilesNatural stone is not manufactured, so it displays all the variations of the geological formation it is cut from. This means that your stone backsplash can have touches of green at one end of the counter and touches of brown at the other end with creams and tans throughout and all be from the same lot. The effect is unique for the installation, and that is the inherent beauty of natural stone, whether granite, travertine, marble, limestone, slate, or something else.

Each of these natural stones, when used in the home as tile, will have the same basic maintenance regimen. Each of them benefit from the appropriate pre-treatments and sealers to streamline that regimen. Most homeowners love their unique natural stone tiles and would gladly say that resealing annually is well worth the beauty of stone in their home.

Abrasives and acids can etch or stain stone. Cleaners containing acids are often seen in bathroom and grout products. Vinegar, lemon juice, and the like are acid, so the home-made solutions using them will cause some damage to marble, limestone, and other natural stones. Some folks feel like this adds patina, others don’t want the wear to show so they prevent it by following the same rules that you use for any valuable part of your home.

  • Protect surfaces with coasters, trivets, entry rugs, and the like. An entry rug should be long enough for eight steps to get most of the grit from the outdoors off the bottom of the shoes.
  • Dust mop floors regularly. The grit from daily living is like sandpaper on your floor.
  • Use appropriate solutions for the surface you are cleaning. Most of the time, the mildest detergent, a specialized cleaner, or plain water will  work fine. Follow the instructions given at installation. Usually rinsing and drying follow.
  • Blot up spills immediately.

When you visit the natural stone tile showroom at Éco Dépôt, discuss the maintenance required for your choice with the expert sales advisor. The staff has been trained to answer your questions and concerns and will help you select the best tile for your home.