How Should You Tile Your Montreal Office?

office tile in MontrealOffices in Montreal can be tiled in any number of fashions. You can go for something upscale and modern, upscale and natural, or just plain enough for you and your staff to scoot your feet across on a daily basis. From porcelain and ceramic to marble and glass mosaic, Eco Depot Ceramique will ensure that you have a well-tiled floor that is professional and comfortable.

We understand that you’re a business and one of your primary concerns is price. However, keep in mind that the lowest price can kill you in the long run.

Cheap tile often needs to be replaced sooner than a more pricey and upscale tile. Vinyl, for instance, only lasts a few years and you’ll have to re-tile. Go with a natural stone tile or glass mosaic, or even ceramic or porcelain, and the tile will last a good many more years.

The important thing is that you get a lot of wear for your money. Ceramic and porcelain are less expensive than granite or slate, but the natural stone look of the latter two types of tile will give your business a different kind of look. The question is, is it the kind of look you want?

An Eco Depot representative will be glad to talk to you about your Montreal office and give you some sound advice on what kind of tile might make your office a little more cozy.