How To Match A Stone Tile Floor

stone tile floorIf you love the look of a natural stone tile floor, you are not alone. All the beauty and variety of nature is in the honed or polished slabs at your feet. That same variety can allow a wide range of looks depending on how those tiles are matched at installation.

A random, ungraded layout of stones from the same block of rock cut at the quarry will have an overall, subtle checkerboard effect. This is because the various shades inherent in the stone will contrast when laid side by side; the lighter hues against the darker shades show up. A lot of people love that look, it is like a cloudy sky or the ocean’s surface and gives a neutral expanse some vibrancy.

If you take the time to grade your natural stone tiles from dark to light and lay the flooring in meticulously shaded rows of gradual tones from one side to the other or front to back of the room, the effect will be more like a cloudless sky. It moves from the lighter blues of the horizon to the deep blue overhead with no demarcation. This effect is completely different in a space.

Either style of installation is acceptable because they both showcase the attractiveness of the stone. Both floors will have the qualities of the natural stone used for the project. The only difference is in the way the tiles are laid out at installation. Because of this, many experts suggest you experiment with that layout before the actual installation takes place so the effects of the natural variations in the stone are utilized the way you like them.

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