How Many Rooms Can You Tile In Your Home?

floor tiles in your residential homeWhen it comes to tiling the floors to your home, is there a limit to how many you should tile?

Answer: No, not really. But you might want to think twice before you tile every room in the house.

Typically, bathrooms and kitchens are tiled. That’s because you really don’t want to lay carpet in those rooms. Carpet can get nasty with grease stains and with food and beverage spills. If it gets wet, it could mold and mildew and stink up your house. Hard wood floors can warp if they get wet. Tile is the best alternative.

Living rooms, bedrooms, and dens are often carpeted, but carpet can be expensive. You can tile those rooms. However, if you have the same tile in every room of your house, that can be boring.

Hard wood floors are the only type of floor that really looks good when applied consistently throughout the house. It’s easy to carpet over, and you can lay rugs on hard wood easily, but it has its drawbacks too.

When it comes to floor tiles for your home, you have to do your homework. Are you going to tile the entire house? If so, a more expensive floor tile might make the home look classier and last longer. You can do ceramic and porcelain in the kitchen and bathrooms and still go upscale in other rooms. Your best bet is to talk to your home builder or an Eco Depot representative for advice.