How Floors Model Your Professional Image

business image branding floor tilesYou may not think it, but one of the first things people notice about your business establishment are the floors. It doesn’t matter whether you run a restaurant, own an office business, fill a niche in the industrial sector, or work in a government building, your floors matter.

People judge a business by its floors.

And it’s not just about style either. You can have a plain ceramic floor tile and still make a good impression, or you can spend thousands of dollars on an expensive marble floor or natural stone and make a negative image because your floors are dirty and not well kept. So maintenance matters too.

It’s about your image. Do your floors present the image of your business that you want to convey to your clientele? If not, it may be time for a change.

Consider this: You are growing a new restaurant. You are targeting an upscale clientele who appreciates atmosphere as much as good cuisine. Your theme is rustic Oriental. When customers walk in, they see great furniture and wall decor that matches your theme, but the floors are a colorful array of glass mosaic. It looks out of place.

You should think along these lines no matter what kind of business you run. Your floors should reflect your branding as much as the type of business you manage. Your customers will notice if they don’t.