How Eco Friendly Is Your Commercial Flooring

Natural stone floor tiles are one form of eco friendly flooringWe live in a strange era – one that has customers judging a business not only on the quality and prices of its products but also on environmental issues. Coffee and chocolate are two products that come immediately to mind – they are not only judged on environmental issues, they are also judged on social issues such as the wages paid to those involved in these industries in third world countries. The spin off is that companies that use the products are also being judged. If your business is using products that are considered to be environmentally or socially unfriendly, then customers may well walk away.

You may not consider your commercial flooring as an issues, however, it does form a picture of your business. Customers won’t appreciate your floor if it is made from timbers that have come from unsustainable forests, no matter how good it looks. Carpets are also coming into question, particularly those that are made from manufactured materials. Commercial flooring made from natural materials that have been harvested in an environmentally and socially friendly manner are available. These floor coverings include a complete range of natural stone floor tiles – and stone is available everywhere; and manufactured ceramic tiles.

Ceramic and porcelain floor tiles, whilst manufactured, are made using clays that have been harvested, and, like rock, is available in abundance. One of the big benefits of using natural stone tiles, or tiles from the ceramic range, is durability – they will last many years, generally decades, and, in some cases, centuries – just look at the centuries old ruins around the world. Many of them have natural stone floor tiles.

Being environmentally conscious is an important area of today’s commercial world. If you’re not thinking about environmental issues, then you may well find that, over time, your customer base is going to drop off. This is avoidable, especially considering natural stone floor tiles being a cheaper long term option. Impress your customers, and your long term bank balance by using environmentally friendly floor tiles. Come and see the full range of eco friendly floor tiles at Éco Dépôt Céramique, Montreal’s leading floor tile showroom.