How To Choose Ceramic Tile Flooring

Tceramic tilehere’s more to choosing the best ceramic flooring tile for a particular location than appearance. A tile you love in the beginning may end up being a tile you hate after a year or two, simply because that particular tile was not able to withstand the conditions you put it in. Looking good is why we like tile, but there’s more to tile than a pretty face.

Functional Characteristics of Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile varies widely in manufacture and content because the end use of the tile determines things like hardness, surface toughness, slipperiness, etc. A ceramic tile for a backsplash does not need to have the same functional characteristics of a ceramic tile for flooring, and the flooring tile used in a home bathroom will undergo different challenges than the flooring tile used in a public library.

Characteristics like the ability to absorb moisture will affect a tile used in an outdoor balcony in Montreal because the moisture will expand as it freezes and crack the tile. This characteristic will also affect staining propensities, since a spill could get sucked into an unglazed, unsealed surface.

Glazing or matte finishes are chosen for their characteristics like the degree of slipperiness when they are wet or a tendency to resist surface scratching. Some finishes are much more indifferent to cleaning chemicals than others, too. The right tile can create a sanitary environment that is easy to maintain, but a different tile will be a janitor’s nightmare.

Get Expert Advice When Choosing Ceramic Tile Flooring

The best source of ceramic tile flooring in Montreal is found in the showrooms of Éco Dépôt because we offer more than tile, we offer experience and expert advice so that your choices are made in confidence. We can help you find the tile with the characteristics you need for that location, and show you a variety of beautiful tiles that will all work well. This makes it easy to choose the tile you love and will continue to appreciate for years.