Is The Heart Of Your Home Healthy?

kitchen wall and floor tilesThe kitchen is often called the heart of the home. It’s the spot where food is stored and prepared, family and friends often gather to eat, and quick snacks are enjoyed. It’s also the place where steam, grease, and grime come together with meat juice and other food byproducts to create what some call “kitchen crud.” Kitchen crud isn’t healthy when it builds up on surfaces. It’s like the plaque build-up that damages the health of your body’s heart.

One of the best ways to keep a kitchen healthy is by keeping it clean. You know there will be kitchen crud because that is what happens when you are using the kitchen. Using hot soapy water to clean surfaces after you are done with a task will go a long way in keeping the crud from building up and being a problem. But the hot, soapy water can cause its own problems if your surfaces are porous, like a wooden floor.

Kitchen floors should be planned for cleaning often, and for the cleaning to involve a process that can deal with grease and food spills. One of the best choices for a kitchen floor is tile, because tile can be impervious to anything you clean it with once the grout is sealed. Porcelain kitchen floor tiles, for instance, could be completely disgusting with kitchen crud and clean enough to eat off of right after you wash them. A tile floor can be chosen to fit any decor and can be installed by the homeowner if directions are carefully followed.

Éco Dépôt Céramique carries an excellent selection of kitchen wall and floor tiles in our Montreal showrooms. When you are choosing tile for the kitchen, ask the expert advisor how it will hold up to the cleaning you know will be a part of keeping the heart of your home healthy.