Health Benefits from Tile?

Natural stone The debate over which design materials work best in renovations has been going on for years. For most, the final decision of which to include in a kitchen, bathroom, or complete home remodel will probably come down to a question of tastes and preferences. Yet what about health considerations? Certain design materials can offer environmental benefits, yet could one offer health benefits as well? Research and observation has revealed that porcelain and ceramic tile could potentially provide just that.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

The concept of improving indoor air quality has only recently been emphasized in home and office renovations. Poor air quality can contribute to respiratory problems and help to proliferate the spread of airborne pathogens. Natural stone tiles help to improve indoor air quality due to their lack of porosity. Their hard, solid surfaces can’t be penetrated by harmful allergens such as:


These particles simply settle on the tile surface and can easily be wiped away with a mop or sponge. Beyond protection from allergens, tiles are free from the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can also cause air quality to deteriorate. The process of firing tiles effectively serves to eliminate VOCs. You can also purchase tile adhesives and grouts that are low in VOCs, as well.

Most of us are not aware that tiles used to enhance kitchen floors and create beautiful mosaics for kitchen backsplash could also improve your health as well? At Eco Depot Ceramic we can help you to choose the right style and design of tile to use in your next renovation project. Let us help enhance both the look of your home or office and the quality of your life.