Have You Lost Your Marble?

marble tilesMarble tile is expensive and a slippery. Still, it’s one of the best looking floor materials on the planet. It will instantly increase the value of your home. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to talk about the drawbacks.

Marble floor tiles are susceptible to stains and scratches. If you tile your ballroom, for instance, with marble and you hold a lot of dances where ladies in high heels scoot across the floor, you’ll find a lot of heel scratches on the surface. That will diminish the life of your floor.

Acid spills are another hazard. Fruit juices in your kitchen, for example, can cause stains on the floor if not cleaned up right away.

Sometimes, calling in professional help to repair or keep your marble floor clean is an imperative. It can be expensive, but you want to save your floor. One thing you can do to protect your floor is to apply a surface barrier. A sealant put out by the manufacturer can act as a barrier to spills and keep your floor looking new for a lot longer.

Still, what if worse comes to worst and you end up having to replace your entire floor? In that case, you should lay the new marble over the old marble because marble tiles are difficult to remove. They are supposed to be long-lasting, but if you find yourself replacing the floor before it’s due, just lay on top. It won’t hurt the floor – or the tile.