Hardy Granite: Ready When You Are

granite floor tileGranite is one of nature’s hardiest substances. It certainly makes for a hardy floor tile.

Full of quartz, it’s crystalline and hard, which means it is resistant to scratches and the weather. Another benefit to granite is it is easy to maintain, though there are certain cleaning products you want to keep away from it. Granite has a distinctive glow that makes it attractive for any floor in any area or for an outside area such as your pool or patio.

One of the unique qualities of granite is that each individual tile is a unique work of art due to the nature of the material.

Granite of one of the natural stones. That means whatever surface you tile it with will have a natural look to it. It’s a natural, hardy look that is eye-catching and impressive. Few guests walk into a granite-tiled area and not immediately blown away by the striking and natural beauty.

Because of its ability to resist harsh weather, granite is perfect for outdoor use. When you clean it, however, you don’t want to use acid-based cleaners.

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