Green Construction And Ceramic Tile

ceramic tile constructionThe idea of using ecologically beneficial building material is becoming fashionable. As a result, a contractor is often asked to use “green” materials in a project or those fitting into LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards. Ceramic tile would fit into one of those standards – “Indoor Environmental Quality” – very well.

Ceramic tile is inert. It will not give off gas and funny smells. In fact, tile won’t absorb odors or chemicals. You can clean the surface and it will be clean. It’s non-toxic, and it won’t be a source of hazardous gas in a fire because it doesn’t burn. It is resistant to chemicals, water, insects, mold, and fungus. It acts as a passive battery, maintaining temperatures.

Ceramic tile is low maintenance, too. It also lasts for years, much longer than carpet. In fact, it’s a good idea to encourage customers to pick the tile they can live with for decades. It will not fade, so there’s no reason to fear odd patches when you change the furniture or area rug. Contractors being asked for “green” suggestions can recommend ceramic tile with confidence.

Of course, we offer more than ceramic tile, and most of our commercial tile for contractors fits the requirements of an eco-conscious client. It’s a good idea to come in to our showrooms and see the selection.

We offer contractors and other professionals an affordable solution for bulk purchases. We understand deadlines, deliveries, and all the rest of the challenges in constructing large jobs. Come in today, talk to us about your project, and see what solutions are available in keeping things “green.”