Granite Tile – Not Just For Floors

granite wall tiles and backsplashesThe great thing about natural stone tiles such as granite is that you can use them for walls and countertops. They’re not just for floors.

Granite is hard and dense, which makes it durable and scratch-resistant. Because of this hardness and durability, you can use it outdoors. You can tile your patios and other outside structures, including pool a

reas and garden walls. Because it can withstand extreme weather conditions, it is the perfect natural stone tile for outside areas and will make your outdoor area look natural.

Indoors, you don’t have to stick with floors. You can tile walls, countertops, and even backsplashes and vanities.

Granite won’t fade over time, and it’s easy to maintain. It is chemical-resistant, so you can clean it with the same cleaners you’d use to clean other floors.

Every granite tile has its own distinctive look and personality, which means you can make tiling your bathroom, kitchen, or other room an art project. Whether you use larger tiles or smaller tiles, you can create a beautiful indoor area with granite, taking nature into any room of your house. For a backsplash area – kitchen or bathroom – granite can be a beautiful addition, accentuating your furniture, your vanity, and the overall look of the room you are tiling.