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FAQs About Sealing Granite

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granite tileGranite tile is a popular product at Éco Dépôt, and for good reason. It is a very beautiful, dense, and strong surface, but it generally will be sealed to keep it at its best. These are a few of the questions that often are asked about sealing granite:

  • Why do I need to seal my granite tile? Granite contains at least twenty percent quartz crystals, as well as other elements like feldspar. It has microscopic spaces between the different flecks of color you see. This makes it porous, so sealer is used to fill those spaces where less porosity is desired.
  • How do I know it is time to reapply a sealer? If your tile has been sealed before, you will notice that water no longer beads on the surface. Another way to tell is by seeing if it darkens when wet and lightens when dried with a hair dryer. This means water is seeping into the stone.
  • Do I need to seal the grout, too? Many times, you should seal grout. If your tile was sealed at the factory, the grout may not have been sealed because it has to be cured first, and that takes time. Remember to clean the grout before sealing or you will seal the dirt into the grout and never get it out.
  • How do I decide if my tile needs sealer, and which one should I use? When you come in to the Éco Dépôt showroom, ask the tile experts! We carry many beautiful selections of granite tile flooring and can answer your questions about the specific tiles you are interested in.