Give Granite Tile A New Look Without Changing It

granite tileGranite tile is a wonderful product. It lasts forever (look how long the stone has been around already!), and it has such enduring qualities that sometimes you get tired of the look while the surface still looks great. There’s an answer to this problem, and it is possible because of the nature of granite.

If you take a magnifying glass to examine your tile in good lighting, you will see that the stone has many flecks of different colors making up the overall color you see. Try an experiment: pick a few of those underlying hues to make up a few sample boards to lay next to your tile. Voilà! It will instantly look a little different because the new color has “pulled out” similar tones from the stone.

If you had grey walls before, see what blues or pinks will do. Brown granite can have any color flecks up close because brown is a mix of all colors, so let your imagination fly. Sometimes a refreshing change of countertop accessories is all you need to create a new look in a kitchen because those new canisters make the granite countertop look new, too. Granite floor tiles are the foundation of many possibilities for a room’s decor because the floor looks good with it all.

Sometimes people are afraid to put granite tiles in their home because they might get tired of them. But the truth is, you don’t have to change the tile to change the room. Come to the Éco Dépôt Céramique and bring your magnifying glass — examine the granite tile flooring in our showrooms and see all the color flecks this natural stone can hold. You will be inspired!