Granite Tile Countertops? Sure!

granite tileGranite tile works great in kitchens, as flooring, backsplash, and even on the countertops. There are a few considerations when using a granite tile on the counter, but the benefits are tremendous because you get the look and function of granite for the cost of tiles instead of slabs — that’s pretty substantial.

Tiles will be lighter than a slab of granite but still need adequate support. The edges will need to be bullnosed or trimmed somehow to cover the raw side of the tile and substrate, but this is very doable with wood that enhances your decor. Grout should be unsanded and both grout and tile sealed. With the granite tile you can butt the sides and have grout that is almost invisible or make a design statement with wider grout lines. Most people find the smaller tiles more pleasing for a countertop, but it is really up to you.

Because granite is a natural stone there are many variations of color and grain. Look at the overall pattern of the flecks and striations in the stone. Smaller, denser patterning will not clash with bold decor the way a more distinctly patterned stone could. As with all natural material, lay it all out where you want it before deciding on the final design.

Covering a counter with granite tile might be within some Do-It-Yourselfer’s abilities, but if it isn’t, the cost of installing tile will probably still be less than a similar counter cut from one slab of granite.

At Éco Dépôt there are many granite tile options and the professional design help to answer all your questions about tile. Come into our local Montreal showrooms and see what tile can do in your kitchen.