Granite The Ideal Choice For Office Flooring

The wide range of granite floor tile colors and texturesThere are many types of granite tile flooring that are virtually indestructible. This makes them a perfect choice for high traffic areas including public spaces. There are a number of advantages to using granite tiles for office flooring and, in many cases, may just be your best option. Porcelain tiles are also almost indestructible, however, if you really are looking for natural stone, then granite tiles are natural stone whilst porcelain is manufactured.

Granite is a hard stone to begin with so, when cut into tiles and polished, add a brilliant finish to any flooring. Granite floor tiles generally don’t etch or stain easily like travertine or marble, and they are also highly water resistant. Granite tiles are available in a wide range of unique patterns and colors so it is easy to coordinate these tiles into any office decor. The maintenance requirements for granite are fairly minimal although this will depend on the type of tile selected. Polished granite tiles will need to be re-polished on a regular basis, however, a commercial buffer used by most cleaners will keep your floor gleaming.

A reapplication of floor polish will be needed over time, and your floor tiles may need resealing at some point, however, many people live happily never seeing the need to reseal their granite floors. Cleaning granite tiled office flooring is also straightforward – sweep or vacuum daily, mop up any messes as soon as possible, and that’s it.

Before installing a granite tile floor in your office talk to a tile expert. There are many different types of granite tiles so you need to be sure are you buying and installing the right type for your environment. Éco Dépôt is Montreal’s leading supplier of office tile, and our experts are only too happy to sit down and discuss your office floor tiling project.