Are Granite Floors Easy To Live With?

granite tileOne of the most common stones around is granite. This multicolored igneous rock is a dense mass of different minerals flecked with feldspar and quartz to create a strong, enduring natural stone that has been prized as a building material for centuries. But is it easy to live with on a floor?

Common objections to granite include the possibility of a sealing regimen and the same hardness that makes it a permanent flooring option. The need for a sealer is really dependent upon the actual tile you choose and should be discussed at the time of sale. Even if a sealer is needed, however, it isn’t a big task and is similar to many other flooring maintenance schedules.

The hardness of granite floor tile might mean some breakage if you drop your china. It may feel a bit cool to the bare foot, too, unless a radiant floor heating system is installed. But the solidness of this surface means that your family can do a lot before the floor is damaged. It’s pretty difficult to do anything permanent to a granite floor, and that alone makes it easy to live with.

Granite comes in many colors so the tile you choose should be purchased as one unit to make sure it will match. The colors will vary as the original slab is sawn into individual tiles, so there will be an infinite variety in your floor. It’s a good idea to lay the entire floor out before installation to make sure the tiles are where you want them.

That variety of color and pattern can be subtle or bold, depending on your choice of stone. Make sure the pattern you choose is one you can live with because it will be there for a long time! You will be able to change all the decor to highlight different colors in the floor, and that makes it a versatile choice that is easy to coordinate.

When you come to Écot Dépôt for granite tile flooring, ask about things like sealers and maintenance. You will find that granite is one of the easiest floors to live with.