Granite Floor Tiles – You Can Never Have Too Much

Just a small sample of the range of granite floor tiles.One of the great things about any natural stone tile is the wide range of textures and colors available. Granite is a good example with floor tiles available in colors that range from almost white to darker grays and browns. The flecking of other colors really adds character to these tiles and, if used wisely, look great in so many different areas of the home.

Take the kitchen as an example. Granite floor tiles are well suited since they have good water resistance and, in some tiles, good anti-slip properties. Those same properties make them ideal for other areas in the kitchen, for example, as wall coverings and as bench tops.

The same can be said for bathrooms where granite tiles are quite suitable for floors, walls, vanity tops and shower recesses. Polished granite floor tiles can add real character to a simple hallway, especially if kept clean and polished, and that isn’t hard work either. Granite tiles can be used around fireplaces, in general living areas, and outdoors. In fact, granite tiles are some of the best choices for outdoors because of the weather resistance, water resistance, and overall durability of the tile.

If you have a flooring (or wall/benchtop) project in mind and you’re not sure which option is best for both your environment and/or wallet, then come and talk to us at Éco Dépôt. We have a wide range of floor and wall tiles on display (including granite floor tiles), and our tile experts are only too happy to discuss and help you plan your project.