Granite Floor Tiles – Spectacular, Durable and Versatile

Granite is extremely veratile when it comes to indoor our outdoor applicationsGranite’s toughness is almost legendary. For many years granite was a popular building material due to it’s dense and incredibly durable qualities. As a floor tile, it has an unmistakable decorative quality and beauty that can turn any room into glowing showcase.

When used outside, the denseness of granite tiles really shines through.  You don’t have to worry about stains – for example, grass stains – damaging your tiles. When used in patios, your wine glasses are more at risk than your tiles, and that includes from the wine itself. The denser a tile, the more resistant they become to liquids, and granite is one of the most dense natural stone tiles on the market. With the right finish, they are also non-slip.

If you don’t like chemical finishes yet you want a natural stone tile, then granite is the only choice. These tiles are naturally hard, can be polished naturally, and don’t require any sealants – yet they are durable enough to last decades. More importantly, you won’t need to reseal these tiles in the future, and cleaning is as simple as a quick sweep or vacuum – or for outdoor use, a hose down with water.

Granite tiles can deliver a spectacular finish to any area. These tiles are predominantly used in flooring, however, there are a wide range of applications, including walls, bench tops, and as decorative edges or features. Granite is a perfect choice for use around fire places as heat will not adversely affect them.

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