How To Have A Granite Counter Top On A Tight Budget

Get the look of a granite slab counter top and backsplash on a budgetOne of the most durable counter tops is a solid granite slab. However, they can be expensive to buy, and they are heavy, so they require a strong foundation and strong arms to lift the slab into place. You can still have a granite counter top even if your on a tight budget, and it won’t weigh a lot either.

Granite tiles have been a popular flooring option for many years. They can also be used for counter tops, splashbacks, and as wall tiles. Because they are a tile, they are a lot lighter than a slab of solid stone, yet they bring the same benefits – strong, durable, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean and keep hygienic.

When using granite tiles for a counter top, having a very thin grout line that has been color matched to your tile will give the impression of a solid slab, at least from a distance. Add a splashback in a matching granite tile and your kitchen will look amazing. You can use the same process in a bathroom – granite tiles on a vanity with a matching granite splashback or wall tile.

You will need to select the right granite tile for use as a counter top. Our tile experts are only too happy to help you select the right tile, and to provide advice on how best to install them as a counter top. We can also help you find matching or coordinated tiles for your floor and walls and for outdoor areas. Visit one of Éco Dépôt’s three Montreal area tile showrooms to see our range of granite tiles and to talk to an expert.