What Makes A Good Commercial Kitchen Floor Tile?

Commercial kitchen floor tiles cop a lot of punishmentCommercial kitchens are very different to those found in a home. In homes, your kitchen may get used for a couple of hours a day – the rest of the time the kitchen is fairly idle; at least, when it comes to foot traffic. Commercial kitchens are used for hours on end, and often by five or more people, all coming and going – and grinding anything dropped into the floor.

When looking for commercial kitchen floor tiles, there are a few important factors to take into account. The easiest way to look at these factors is by looking at what happens to a commercial kitchen floor. Whilst water, tracked-in dirt/grit/food stuffs, cooking spills, dropped objects, and the daily traffic are important, so too is the care required. A good floor tile needs to be able to handle commercial cleaners designed to keep kitchens cleaned and sanitized. At the same time, that floor needs to be relatively slip-resistant.

There are a wide range of floor tiles that have been created with these issues in mind. Tile hardness, texture and water resistance factors are your first concern. Hardness and water resistance often go hand-in-hand – the harder a tile is, the more water resistant it will be. Harder tiles will also handle the extremes that a kitchen floor faces each day. Texture is generally a good guide to a tile’s anti-slip properties. The glossier a tile is, the higher the slip factor. Tiles that are a little rough on the surface will be less likely to be slippery.

It’s almost impossible to simply state that one tile is better than another for commercial floors. Granite, ceramic and porcelain are certainly hard, have water resistance features, and can be found with anti-slip properties. However, slate, whilst not so hard, also has its benefits. Talk to a tile expert at Éco Dépôt before deciding on the type of floor tile to use on your commercial kitchen’s floor. We can help you find tiles that are perfectly matched to your environment, and in most cases, there is a huge range of colors and finishes to chose from.