Are You Going To The Montreal National Home Show?

Montreal National Home ShowThe 2014 Montreal National Home Show is going on right now, at Place Bonaventure, and closes its doors Sunday, March 16. If you can make it, you will get inspiration for the many home improvements that are possible today. As you stroll through the aisles you will see that tile is one of the basic materials used to make dreams a reality.

For instance, the outdoor kitchen is an increasingly popular addition to a home’s landscaping. What would that look like without outdoor tile? The ground in front of the beautiful grill would be a mud patch and the chairs at the table would sink into the grass. Walkways would be unstable dirt paths without appropriate pavers. A poolside would be far less attractive and add to maintenance chores.

Outdoor tile has the advantage of being versatile in appearance. Your home has a distinct “look” and there will be an outdoor tile that is appropriate for the look. If you go to the Montreal National Home Show and get inspired to have an outdoor space added to your home, then come to Éco Dépôt Céramique for the tiles you need. Our showrooms have a beautiful selection of outdoor tile.

In our area, outdoor tile needs to be able to withstand harsh climate changes without absorbing water to freeze and crack. The outdoor tile you find at Éco Dépôt will be suitable for Montreal’s weather and last for years, bringing beauty to your landscaping and a smile to your face as you enjoy your patio, pool, or outdoor kitchen.