Glass Tiles In Water Features? Perfect.

glass mosaic tileThe use of glass mosaic tiles in outdoor water features isn’t a completely new trend, but it is sure gaining popularity right now. Glass is perfect for outdoor applications because it does not absorb moisture, making it indifferent to subfreezing temperatures like those in the Montreal area.

Spots To Use Glass Tiles

Outdoor water features like fountains, spas, and pools are perfect places to use glass mosaic tiles. The shimmering colors add to the appeal of the sparkling water whether they are beneath the surface or beside it.

It’s important that the installation of glass mosaic outside be done with materials that are designed for that use. Crack suppression membranes, adhesives, and grouts help keep your tile in place during the expansion and contraction of temperature changes. Some experts will suggest that a pool not be drained in winter or other measures taken to keep the pressures put on the walls of the installation consistent.

A common source of trouble in northern zones is the waterline tile since it will be moving separately from lower tiles. Simple precautions during installation will prevent trouble by anticipating the natural flexing of the freeze/thaw cycle.

Choose The Perfect Glass Tile For Your Water Feature

Whether you are creating a new fountain, refurbishing a birdbath, or installing a pool for your family there will be a glass mosaic tile that looks good. Many folks like to explore online, looking at pictures of the way other people did it, but nothing beats the real thing.

Come into the Éco Dépôt showrooms and see the many types of tile we carry. There’s something about touching a tile and seeing the way the light moves across it that cannot be captured in a photograph. Glass tiles really need to be seen in person to be visualized for your project. While you are there, get advice from the experts and you’ll be able to find the perfect tiles for any of the plans you have in mind.