Glass Mosaics Have A Past You’ll Like

glass mosaic tileThe ancient home decorators around the Mediterranean loved glass mosaics. The use of easily found multicolored pebbles and shells got a colorful boost when they figured out how to make a paste of silica and metal oxides mixed in secret recipes to fuse at high temperatures and create glass. That molten glass was pressed into flat slabs and cut into the classic smalti tiles used in villas all over the Roman world. Everything from stylized borders to images of people and beasts can be found in archaeological digs all over the globe because the Romans were not the only folks who loved decorating with mosaics.

Today, glass mosaic tiles carry on that historic trend, allowing the home decorator to create beautiful walls and floors with tiny pieces of glass. It’s a lot easier today, because modern techniques give perfect edges and tiles can be laid in pre-placed sheets, making it easy to put a large number of tiles in place at once.

One of the ways recycled glass is used is in making glass mosaic tiles. This is a perfect marriage of the modern concern for the environment and the ancient use of available material. You may not want a floor like Quirinius but you can have the advantage of tiled floors and walls in the look you like. Glass mosaic is a perfect choice for areas that get wet and dirty, like kitchens and bathrooms. The hard surface holds up to years of abuse, as those ancient floors show. The added appeal of recycled glass tile means your floors and walls have a history and a reborn future giving you beauty in your home.

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