Glass Mosaic Tiles – Practicality With Limitless Possibilities

Glass mosaic tiles have endless uses Glass tiles have been around for thousands of years, although for a very long time they were restricted to the very wealthy. Mass production now means they are affordable for everyone, and with a never ending range of colors and styles, there is a glass mosaic tile for everyone. Traditionally used in bathrooms and kitchens, glass mosaic tiles offer a practical solution to a limitless range of applications.

What makes glass special is its waterproof nature and the way it reflects light. Glass mosaic tiles can be used in everything from coffee table tops to backsplashes – from shower cubicles to feature walls. Looking for a novel coffee table? Take a plain coffee table, fix glass mosaic tiles to the surface, then fix a sheet of tempered glass over the top. The end result is an almost three dimensional glass top table that will wow everyone – yet it has a practical flat surface.

You can fix glass mosaic tiles to most surfaces with the right adhesive. They make an interesting feature on a wall, or perhaps to frame an existing wall feature. Glass mosaic tiles can add that special effect to a water feature, especially at night with the right lighting bouncing of them.

Imagination is the only limit to the use of glass mosaic tiles. Almost every surface in a home or office could be a home for a glass mosaic tile – there are specialist furniture makers who produce amazing furniture using timbers and metals and glass mosaic tiles. We have an amazing array of glass mosaic tiles at Éco Dépôt, and our tile experts are only too happy to help you put together your next project – using both the right glass mosaic tiles and the right adhesives. We can also provide advice on how to maintain those tiles for years of trouble free beauty.