Glass Mosaic Tiles Versatile Enough For Any Application

Such a wide range of colors in glass mosaic tilesIf you are looking for a tile that is different to the standard ceramic or natural stone, then you may want to consider glass. Whilst traditionally used in bathrooms, glass mosaic tiles are quite versatile and can be used in any room as either a wall or floor tile. Glass mosaic tiles are also commonly used in kitchens, particularly as backsplashes, as they are one of the easiest tiles to clean.

Glass, of course, has been around for centuries with one of its major uses being for food storage. The properties that make glass great for food storage are the same as those that make it popular as a tile. Glass is tough, particularly in tile form. Glass is impervious to odors, stains and liquids. This means that glass mosaic tiles are water-resistant and stain-resistant, and of course will not absorb odors. Those properties make them perfect for use in bathrooms and kitchens where moisture and odors are in abundance.

Cleaning is the second attribute that makes glass mosaic popular. Because the tile is impervious to liquids, you really only need to use products that will break down dirt and grease, and in most cases ordinary dishwashing detergent is all that is required. If you want to sterilize glass mosaic tiles, then standard household bleach (diluted in water of course) is all that is required. You can also use steam to produce a hygienic finish to glass mosaic tiles.

The term mosaic is important when considering these tiles for any project. Each tile is only small, around an inch square (or smaller), with tiles arranged into a mosaic pattern then adhered to a backing. The good news is that the range of colors and patterns is endless, so it’s easy to produce a final project that fits in perfectly with any decor. If glass mosaic tiles sound interesting, come in and see our huge range in one of our Montreal showrooms.