Glass Mosaic Tiles – So Much To Choose From

Glass mosaic tiles come in such a wide range of colorsGlass mosaic tiles have long been popular in kitchens and bathrooms, however, they are now being used to make a statement in many other rooms. Glass mosaic tiles have one advantage over most other tiles, and that’s the huge array of design, colour, size and texture options. Unlike most tiles, glass mosaic tiles can be found with a myriad of colors on the one sheet, all carefully arranged to create a pattern that can be repeated across any surface.

It doesn’t matter how old or what colour scheme you have in your home, you will find a glass mosaic tile that could potentialy transform the look, feel and finish of the room. Glass mosaic tiles can be used to create a centrepiece that looks stunning whilst adding colourful displays of light. That light reflection is one area of glass that is being used more often now compared to the past.

When choosing a glass mosaic tile, choose carefully. Dark tiles can make a room look dark or cold, unless used sparingly or to effect. Mosaic tiles in neutral or warm colours can create a captivating feature that is both durable and functional. You should also take the colour of your floor and furnishings into account when selecting mosaic tiles. You need everything to marry together to get the best results. If necessary, take some samples or a colour chart home with you to see how those tiles look.

There are a wealth of textures and finishes available, so there is the risk that you could get swayed or overwhelmed. The simple solution is to talk to a tile expert. They can help you focus on your design intent, finding the best tiles to suit your overall look and goals. The tile experts at Éco Dépôt can help you finalize your project’s design using glass mosaic tiles and/or any other tile required.