Glass Mosaic Tiles Deliver A Stunning Reflective Result

Glass mosaic tiles come in a stunning array of colors and patternsGlass mosaic tiles offer a unique appearance that is generally unachievable using conventional tiles. Glass is a man-made product and is available in every conceivable color, and every possible combination of colors. The depth of color can be stunning, and combined with the reflective quality of glass it can deliver a unique and dramatic effect. This makes glass mosaic tiles suitable for both home or commercial use.

One of the benefits of glass mosaic tiles is their resistance to any effect from frost, sunlight or water, which makes them suitable for both internal and external applications. Glass tiles are easy to clean and maintain so they will never discolor, fade or permanently stain. This makes glass mosaic tile perfect for use as a backsplash in bathrooms and kitchens.

There is an unlimited range of applications for glass mosaic tiles. Apart from backsplashes, they can be very effective on walls and floors, including showers, around bathtubs and vanities, and even as a border around more conventional tiles. Glass mosaic tiles are often in external areas such as garden walls, pools, spas, waterfalls, and around and above doorways. External lighting can bring those glass tiles to life creating a stunning effect – a work of art even if you have a great imagination.

Éco Dépôt has a large range of glass mosaic tiles in different colors, styles and sizes. Our tile experts are happy to discuss your tiling project and to help you find the right glass mosaic tiles for your project. We can also advise you on how best to lay your tiles, clean them, and maintain them for many years of worry free use.