Glass Mosaic Tiles Add A Shimmering Luminous Touch To Any Room

Glass mosaic tiles can be used effectively on walls and floors in both residential and commercial propertiesIf you are looking for a tile that is different to the standard ceramic or natural stone, then you may want to consider glass Mosaic. While they are traditionally used in bathrooms, glass mosaic tiles can be used in any room on either walls or floors. They are also suitable for both residential and commercial properties.

Glass has been a popular material in the food industry for well over century. Glass’s biggest claim to fame is that it’s non-porous. In the food industry this meant that containers were easy to sterilize and that the container didn’t absorb anything from the food, or vice-versa, the food didn’t absorb anything from the glass. This one feature is what makes glass mosaic tiles popular – they too are non-porous so they don’t stain or absorb moisture, and they are easy to clean and maintain. If you need hygiene, glass mosaic withstands steam cleaning, a process that sterilizes a surface without the use of chemicals.

In commercial areas, glass mosaic has been used to effect in many areas, notably as wall features, or to compliment other features. Glass mosaic tiles can also be used for added effect as flooring, especially in offices and restaurants.

For those looking to remodel their homes, glass mosaic tiles can be used to help lighten dark rooms – glass mosaic tiles reflect what little light there is making a dim area look a little lighter. Glass mosaic tiles can be used to great effect in entrance areas, hallways and living areas, adding a shimmering luminous effect.

If you have any concerns about glass mosaic tiles, then discuss these with a tile expert at Éco Dépôt. Our professional tile experts can help you select the best glass mosaic tiles for your project, provide advice on how to install them, and just as importantly, advice on how best to maintain those tiles.