Glass Mosaic Tiles – The Benefits Of Glass With The Flexibility Of Tiles

Glass mosail tiles - solid as glass yet flexible as a tileGlass is one of those products that we often take for granted. Plastics have taken over everywhere, especially in the packaged food industries. Talk to older folk and they will long sing the praises of food that was sold in glass – or food that was stored in glass. Pickles, jams and sauces are a good example of home-made products that often lasted for years once prepared and stored in glass jars or bottles. The same properties that made glass a great food storage product also make tiles a great product.

One of the reasons for glass being so popular is its non-porous nature. Glass doesn’t absorb odors or flavors. It doesn’t ooze out any of the stored substances either. Colored glass is also able to reflect light, making the contents a little less likely to suffer. Glass tiles have similar features. They are non-porous so they don’t stain, absorb water (or any other liquid), and able to reflect light. Glass mosaic tiles are tiles that are created using colored glass – and there is a huge range of colors and patterns to choose from.

Like the glass jars that grandpa probably boiled to sterilize before using for jams, glass mosaic tiles can be steam cleaned. This provides a chemical free form of sterilization, making these tiles ideal for food areas and bathrooms, and anywhere else where clean germ-free areas are required. Glass mosaic tiles can be used as floor tiles, wall tiles, and as backsplashes. Being easy to clean, glass mosaic is a wise choice for backsplashes.

The tile experts at Éco Dépôt can help you through the tile selection process, helping you plan your project and providing advice on how best to lay and maintain your glass mosaic tiles