What A Difference A Glass Mosaic Tile Feature Can Make

Part of the wide range of glass mosaic tilesIt’s very easy to turn what is a functional but quite plain tiled wall area into something that catches the eye. Glass mosaic tiles have a number of attributes that make them special when used appropriately. To begin with, glass is one of those substances that is easy to clean, doesn’t stain and is highly water-resistant. Those are the practical features – what about visual features?

Glass mosaic tiles add a real luster to any wall.  Glass mosaic tiles can turn a simple splashback into a bright and colorful mini-feature, and you won’t lose any of the benefits of a splashback. Glass mosaic tiles are very effective in bathrooms – you can randomly place them amongst other wall tiles, or use them as the main feature tile.

One of the big benefits of glass mosaic is the way it reflects light. These tiles can help to brighten areas that receive low light simply by reflecting what light there is. Glass mosaic tiles are rugged enough to be used in both indoor our outdoor settings. In the past, glass mosaic tiles were often used as features in entryways.

If you want to create a special effect when using wall tiles, consider glass mosaic tiles. If you need any inspiration, then come and see our showroom and talk to one of our tile experts. Our range of glass mosaic tiles will certainly open up many different design ideas and make a real difference once installed. Éco Dépôt has three showrooms in Montreal, all with an extensive range of glass mosaic tiles.