Glass Mosaic: Make Your Montreal Foyer A Work Of Art

Glass mosaic wall tile in MontrealOf all the floor tiles you can add to your home, glass mosaic is perhaps the most artsy. There is a reason that many contemporary artists turn to glass mosaic to create works of art. It is a beautiful material and offers a load of flexibility in design.

The surest test of this truth is to try it out. Add a little glass mosaic to your front foyer and watch your guest’s reactions.

Montreal businesses and residences can benefit from adding a little art to their interiors. It doesn’t have to be hoity-toity art. It can be a simple design with a little glass mosaic flair, perhaps a flower vase or two, a little table to accentuate the wall … something to welcome your guests to your home or business and make them feel warm when they walk inside. The true art will be the expressions on their faces when they see how creative you are.

Glass mosaic can have that effect on people. I’ve seen it.

The wonderful thing about glass mosaic floor and wall tile is that it can often be a colorful attraction. It will bring your rooms to life and add a little atmosphere to your setting.

So here’s the challenge: Turn your Montreal home into a refuge of creativity. Take a look at some glass mosaic tile styles.