Getting To Know Your Wall And Floor Tiles

There is a wide range of wall and floor tiles to chose fromFloor tiles are not made the same, and floor tiles certainly don’t look and feel the same. There are two basic types of floor tile:

  • natural that are created using natural stones;
  • and man-made

They both very good tiles, and they are all suited to a wide range of applications – some better than others. Before deciding on a flooring solution, it’s a good idea to learn a little about each type of floor tile.

    Ceramic Tiles – ceramic is an inert material which is fired to create very hard and very durable materials. Ceramic has been used to make false teeth, dental crowns, and very hard yet incredibly thin veneers for teeth. You can imagine then that a ceramic tile is very hard and durable, doesn’t stain easily, and is easy to maintain. Being man made, the variety of color and pattern is only limited by the imagination of its maker.

    Porcelain Tiles – imagine a ceramic floor tile that is harder. That’s porcelain. Porcelain and ceramic are made from the same materials, however, porcelain is fired at a much higher temperature so the result is a much harder tile.

    Granite Tiles – granite is one of the oldest rock used and it has been used for everything from houses to floors. Granite is a very hard rock that has quartz embedded and when cut and polished, delivers a tile that is unique with a brilliant glow that doesn’t fade over time.

    Slate Tiles – slate is another natural stone that has been created over thousands of years. Slate tiles are, like most natural stone tiles, individually unique – no two slate tiles will look the same. Slate tiles come in a range of colors that extend from the red hues through to grey and black. Slate tiles have the added advantage of being naturally non-slip.

    Marble Tiles – marble is one of the classic stones. It has been used for thousands of years, and in some places, is still looking as good as they day it was first laid. Take a trip through old Rome and you’ll see many of those marble tile floors, all still looking brilliant.

    Glass Mosaic Tiles – glass is a man-made product and has many uses. Colored glass is formed into mosaic tiles and it delivers the same benefits as traditional glass. It reflects light well, is non-porous so it won’t absorb any stain or odors, and is easily cleaned. Glass mosaic is available in a huge range of colors and patterns.

Every one of those tiles can be used for flooring, as wall tiles, counter-tops, and as backsplashes. You should discuss your next project with a tile expert, they can point you towards the best tiles for that project. You can see a full range of tiles at Éco Dépôt Céramique and our tile experts will be only too happy to help you plan your project.