Frequently Asked Questions About Slate

slate tileSlate tile is one of the most durable and popular choices for high quality flooring in areas that take a lot of traffic and moisture. Its naturally slip-resistant character makes it perfect for entry spaces, kitchens, bathrooms, porches, and more.

Why is slate naturally slip-resistant?

Slate is split along the naturally occurring layers during formation. This results in a distinct uneven surface that adds to the texture of the tile and is only found in slate.

What is calibration?

Sometimes the uneven back of the split slate is evened out by machine, honing the surface to a smooth or ribbed finish that is easier to install. This makes the tiles more uniform in thickness and easier for the installer to level the tiles as they are laid to ensure an even floor.

What is gauging?

Gauging is the process of cutting the edges of a natural stone tile precisely and evenly so that every tile is the exact same size and shape. This makes installation easier and results in a more formal look. It also can refer to the calibration of the slate.

Do I need to use a sealer with slate?

Sealers are used to improve the surface of the tile. Since slate will vary in hardness depending on the mineral content, you need to ask about the desirability of using a sealant with the tile you choose. Sometimes sealers are applied to deepen the color or sheen of the stone.

How do I select the best slate tile flooring for my project?

Because slate is a natural stone, the quality of the tile really depends on where it was quarried and how it has been processed. Your best bet is going to a reliable distributor and talking to a tile expert about your project. They can advise you about selection and installation of your tile.

Where do I find a reliable distributor for slate tile flooring?

The best distributor of slate tile flooring in Montreal is Éco Dépôt Céramique. We have over forty years of experience and can answer all your questions about tile. Come in today and explore our wide selection of slate tile.