Floor To Ceiling Shower Tiles

floor to ceiling shower tilesTiles have been a popular choice in bathrooms for centuries, and we are not just talking about floor tiles either. Most bathrooms also have wall tiles, especially in shower cubicles. The water-resistant features, and the fact that tiles can be so easy to clean, make them an obvious choice. But why stop with the floor and walls? Why don’t you go all the way and tile the shower cubicles ceiling as well?

As you can see from this image, tiling the ceiling helps to complete the look of your shower cubicle. By using different size, color and placement, this shower cubicle looks great – and you can use any bathroom tile type to achieve a similar look in your shower. So why wouldn’t you tile the ceiling as well?

Apart from looks, tiles on the ceiling have the same features as floor and wall tiles. They are virtually maintenance-free, easy to clean, and very easy to install. If you have a ceiling extractor fan in your ceiling, no problems, just tile around the extractor fan.

It is always wise to gain advice from tile experts before contemplating a tiling project that involves ceilings. You will need to prepare your surface well, and you will need to use the right adhesives and grouting to ensure the tiles remain in place and deliver the right water resistance. The tile experts at Éco Dépôt can help you plan your shower tiling project, help to ensure you select the right tiles, and offer advice on how best to install them. With the right tile selection, you’ll have a fully tiled shower cubicle that will wow everyone.