Floor Tiles A Long Term Investment For Retailers

Floor tiles are a long term low maintenance floor covering for retail outletsOwning a retail store can be both a profitable and expensive business. Store maintenance always seems to suck money out of a business’s profits, and when it comes to floor coverings, those costs can soar as the business gets older. Carpet has long been the floor covering of choice with vinyl or linoleum a close second. New retailers are starting to discover the big benefits that come with floor tiles, especially when it comes to long term costs.

Carpets are comfortable under foot and they do act like sound neutralizers. However, carpets can take on odors from items around them, especially when there are spills. When it comes to spills, it can be an expensive business cleaning or replacing carpets. Foot traffic will eventually leave its mark as well. There are similar issues when it comes to vinyl and linoleum.

Floor tiles are very different.  Ceramic and natural stone tiles are very durable. They don’t stain easily, especially if any spills are quickly cleaned away. Floor tiles won’t leave a noticeable path from traffic for decades and won’t need replacing for even longer. That means a one time cost, not ongoing costs to replace every three or four years.

You will already see fashionable clothing stores using floor tile rather than traditional floor coverings, and this is starting to trend across other retail sectors. Floor tiles are a good option in almost every retail environment, however, if you have concerns, discuss them with an expert in floor tiling – they can help you decide if floor tiles are right for your business, and if so, which floor tiles are the best suited.

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